Invitation to PVPS Task 13’s WEBINAR: Assessment of Photovoltaic Module Failures in the Field – 16 October 2017

The Renewable Energy Centre of Research & Development (RECORD) invites you to participate in the next IEA PVPS Task 13 Webinar taking place on 16 October 2017, and hosted by Fernando Nuno, PVPS ExCo Copper Alliance. We hope you shall join in, as well as inform your colleagues about it. The webinar PVPS06 is announced at the following link – please click on the link to register: WEBINAR COURSE (in real time):  Assessment of Photovoltaic Module Failures in the Field Speakers:  Ulrike Jahn (TÜV) and Gernot Oreski (PCCL) 16 Oct 2017 @ 15:00 CEST (check your local time) Duration: 1h This Webinar will present the current status and predictive ability for the power loss of PV modules for specific failure modes. The team describes PV module ...

Valsa Trading Introduces Aluminium PV Solar Carport

Aluminium PV Solar Carport Valsa Trading is pleased to announce the completion of their Aluminium Cantilever Carport design following a successful installation of this design in Midrand. The Aluminium Carport solutions are flexible, offering both single and double parking bays, various roof tilt settings and many other options. Valsa Trading offer a range of different Aluminium PV Solar Carport solutions to their clients, ranging from thrir new Cantilever Carport to standard Aluminium Carports and also applications for roof tops and domestic applications – all of which are maintenance free and built from quality material engineered to last. Rubber Seal for Waterproof PV Solar Carport Valsa Trading is introducing a rubber seal for waterproofing existing and new PV Solar carports. This rubbe...

SAPVIA Launches Green Economy subcommittee

The first five years of SAPVIA’s existence has focused on the embedding of solar PV into the fabric of South Africa’s electricity sector, ostensibly through the Renewable Energy IPP Procurement (REIPPP) process. SAPVIA started in 2010 with six founding members, all who were solar PV development companies, however, in the intervening six years, the association has grown to over 180 members, involved in all aspects of the renewable energy food chain. Over the same period, we have seen solar prices drop to become one of the cheapest generation technologies, but in a country like South Africa which has prospered on the traditional base load complex of coal, gas, nuclear and pump storage, PV is already cheaper than new coal and nuclear, and likely to become cheaper than Eskom’s “old coal and nu...

Update on Phase I REDZs and Power Corridor Gazetting

Update on Phase I REDZs and Power Corridor Gazetting REDZs SEA PHASE 2_Environmental Considerations REDZs SEA PHASE 2_ERGPSC25072017 REDZs SEA PHASE 2_Socio-Economic considerations REDZs SEA PHASE 2_Technical considerations

SAPVIA Networking Event: 27 July 2017 – Protea Hotel Balalaika, Johannesburg

SAPVIA held its 2nd Networking event for the year at the Protea Hotel Balalaika, in Sandton, Johannesburg, on Thursday, 27 July 2017. By all accounts, the event was well received and attended. SAPVIA’s Vice-Chair, Wido Schnabel, welcomed all present and provided an update on the Association’s recent activities. The event theme was Finance & Risk Solutions for the SA Rooftop PV Market, with presentations from Duncan Abel, Nedbank Principal: Embedded Generation Corporate and Investment Banking [Finance – Overview of funding for rooftop Solar PV Projects] and Wessel Wessels, Renewable Energy Entrepreneur [Risk – Insights into Solar PV offerings from the Insurance Industry] respectively. SAPVIA’s Programme Manager, Niveshen Govender, provided an update on the progress of our PV Green...

Announcement: SAPVIA signs partnership with EE Publishers

SAPVIA is pleased to announce that it has partnered with EE Publishers which means that Energize magazine will now be used as the “Official Journal of SAPVIA”. Through this partnership SAPVIA has also gained access to the Vector publication targeted at electrical contractors to promote the newly launched PV GreenCard programme.  As part of the agreement each SAPVIA member will receive a hard copy of this publication and will be notified via email when online publications are available for ease of use. The partnership has been structured to benefit SAPVIA members while promoting the best Solar PV has to offer in the South African market. The content submitted to ENERGIZE will include SAPVIA and its member information, success stories, features on socio-economic and enterprise development, a...

JinkoSolar’s PV Modules are 100% Sustain A Doubled IEC Anti-PID Standard

Jinko Solar is the first PV module solution vendor to guarantee the capability of double IEC 62804 anti-PID standard for all of its PV modules.

The Grid Needs a Symphony, Not a Shouting Match

RMI 12 June 2017 We Cannot Afford to Stifle Innovation by Enforcing Outdated Notions of “Baseload” Power For more detail on the topics covered in this article, readers should see Amory Lovins’ FERC comments, a recent article on Forbes, and a forthcoming article in The Electricity Journal. In April, U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry announced a 60-day study on electricity market design and grid reliability, meant to assess to what extent current market designs fail to adequately compensate “baseload” (i.e., coal- and nuclear-fired) power plants. The memo commissioning the study presents as “fact” a curious claim: “baseload power is necessary to a well-functioning electric grid.” This notion has been thoroughly disproven by a diverse community of utilities, system operators, economists, an...

SAPVIA launches PV GreenCard

Secure PV installations for South Africa and a database of reliable installers The South African Photovoltaic Industry Association SAPVIA launched their new PV GreenCard in Johannesburg on Friday, 26th May. As main motivation for the programme they state the "peace of mind that your solar PV installation complies with industry and international best practice".

Solar PV industry looks to self-regulate

The South African Photovoltaic Industry Association is creating a system to ensure quality and safe solar PV installations.


The Republic of Botswana is facing a huge power supply deficit owing to diminished surplus generation capacity in the region and the growing electrical energy requirements in Botswana.  This has been compounded by the low availability of Morupule B power station. The base generation plants currently consist of Morupule “A” with an installed capacity of 132MW and Morupule “B” with 600MW. The available base generation capacity averages 260MW only from Morupule B power station since the Morupule “A” plant is undergoing refurbishment. The current peak demand stands at approximately 600MW and the supply gap is met through imports mainly from South Africa (Eskom) and some from Mozambique (EDM). The two emergency plants, Orapa 90MW and Matshelagabedi 105MW are also dispatched when the imports are...

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