Month: November 2011

City of Cape Town Meeting: 10 November 2011

SAPVIA met with the City of Cape Town, SESSA and Green Cape on the 10th of November to discuss Net Metering.

Feed-in Tariffs Best to Deal with Climate Change Says IPCC Working Group III Renewables

Renewable Energy World Online 8 November 2011: The 135-page report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, especially Chapter 11 on Policy, Financing and Implementation, makes it clear that ...Read More

Top green rating for SA building

Media Club South Africa Online 3 November 2011: Mobile telecommunications company Vodacom has set a new record by claiming the most prestigious accolade in the green building industry. The companyR...Read More

Solar Intermittency: How Big is the Problem?

Renewable Energy World Online 1 November 2011: Intermittency is one of the major criticisms of solar — the majority of the energy is delivered when the sun is shining brightly, but virtually none is c...Read More

SAPVIA announces Rooftop PV Subcommittee

1 November 2011: SAPVIA recently made the decision to form a subcommittee whose purpose it will be to tackle the issues facing the rooftop PV market in South Africa. The subcommittee consists of 14 co...Read More

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