Month: March 2013

ISMO Bill reveals need for electricity sector restructure

Engineering News – Online 28 March 2013 The Portfolio Committee on Energy on Thursday said it had adopted the long-awaited Independent System and Market Operator (ISMO) Bill, but the process rea...Read More

New Medupi Strike: DA

Moneyweb 26 March 2013 The Medupi power station under construction in Limpopo has been hit by another strike, the DA claimed on Tuesday. “Reports today that strikes at the Medupi Power Plant hav...Read More

Policy Still a Concern for Renewables Investors in Top 10 Nations

Renewable Energy Wold.Com 26 March 2013 LONDON — The global renewable energy sector held steady in the first quarter of 2013, as shown in the quarterly All-Renewables Index from Ernst & Youn...Read More

Policy Support for Solar Power Grows in Sub-Saharan Nations

Renewable Energy World.Com 25 March 2013 LONDON — Much of sub-Saharan Africa has experienced remarkable economic growth since the start of the 21st century. Six of the ten fastest-growing econom...Read More

SA should keep a watch on tides of energy liberalisation in Africa

Business Day Live 25 March 2013 THE domino effect of industrial liberalisation, especially in those sectors to which successive post-independence governments have clung on to, is transforming the econ...Read More

Could we be oil-free by 2070?

Money Web 22 March 2013 JOHANNESBURG – In 2070 we could be living oil free. Gas or solar energy could be the energy backbone systems of the future as politics, the economy and social forces act ...Read More

Reaching New Heights: Cumulative PV Demand to Double Again by 2015 22 March 2013 Although end-market demand in 2012 did not achieve the levels many had hoped for, it still set a new record in terms of annual installed capacity. These demand l...Read More

The Clouds are Getting Greener: Apple Data Centers Powered by 100% Renewables 22 March 2013 Just one year after Greenpeace called out Apple for its use of fossil fuels in its “How Green Is Your Cloud” report – which graded Apple no higher th...Read More

Blackouts loom as Eskom feels the heat

Times LIVE 20 March 2013 Planned nationwide load-shedding today, coupled with details of Eskom’s wafer-thin spare capacity, will have consumers and business fearing the worst.  An unprotected st...Read More

South Africa ‘needs to broaden energy supply to include renewables’

Business Day Live 20 March 2013 THE “power crunch” South Africa was experiencing was evidence the country needed to both increase its energy supply, and broaden it to include more flexible...Read More

Renewable energy ‘good for SA development’

City Press 19 March 2013   Renewable energy has the potential to spur on socioeconomic development in South Africa, the World Future Council (WFC) has said. According to a new study conducted by ...Read More

Coal strike talks fail, power disruption fears intensify

Engineering News – Online 19 March 2013 JOHANNESBURG ( – Talks to end the coal strikes at Exxaro coal-mines have been unsuccessful and the fear of electricity disruption at the ...Read More

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