Month: June 2014

Africa to benefit from Canada’s renewable-energy expertise

Engineering News – ONLINE 24 June 2014 Canada, which generates over 77% of its electricity from renewable-energy sources, has a lot to offer African countries in terms of technical skills and ex...Read More

Standard Bank’s total SA renewables underwrite more than R10bn

Engineering News – ONLINE 24 June 2014 Banking group Standard Bank reports that it has, to date, underwritten more than R10-billion-worth of funding to support the roll out of renewable-energy p...Read More

Infrastructure projects should take lead from ‘successful’ REIPPPP

Engineering News – ONLINE 24 June 2014 It is critical that South Africa’s strategic infrastructure projects are prioritised and implemented by learning from successful programmes, such as the Re...Read More

Joemat-Pettersson plans to set up energy brains trust

Engineering News – ONLINE 24 June 2014 Energy Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson says she will be inviting members of the public to recommend people who can serve on a ‘Ministerial Advisory Council...Read More

Municipal infrastructure causes power cuts – Joemat-Pettersson

Engineering News – ONLINE 23 June 2014 Energy Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson has blamed municipal infrastructure for some of the power cuts in the country. “Power disruptions are not nece...Read More

Eskom on weather-induced demand and post-strike dynamics

Engineering News – ONLINE 20 June 2014 There is little question that electricity utility Eskom has had a difficult start to winter, having already declared several power emergencies and having a...Read More

Integrated Energy Plan to be published by March 2015

Engineering News  – ONLINE 18 June 2014 Following the July 2013 launch of a public consultation phase for the formulation of South Africa’s envisaged Integrated Energy Plan (IEP), The Department...Read More

Energy sector needs radical transformation

fin24 – ONLINE 17 June 2014 Cape Town – Power constraints call for a “radical transformation” of the country’s energy sector, President Jacob Zuma told South Africans on ...Read More

State of the Nation Address: Zuma unveils plans to tackle growth-sapping labour, power woes

Engineering News – ONLINE 17 June 2014 ….. ENERGY SECURITY In response, Zuma promised to respond “decisively to the country’s energy constraints in order to create a conducive environment ...Read More

Energy constraints more troublesome than platinum strike – FMF

Engineering News – ONLINE 12 June 2014 The impact of South Africa’s ongoing strained energy supply has been more devastating than the effects of the protracted strike in the platinum belt, the F...Read More

First Eskom load shedding this winter 11 June 2014 Johannesburg – Deliberate power cuts, the first of this winter, took place countrywide on Wednesday night, electricity giant Eskom said. “Due to unavailability of so...Read More

South Africa's power grid 'severely constrained' – Eskom

Engineering News – ONLINE 11 June 2014 South Africa’s national power grid is severely constrained due to high demand and outages of someelectricity generating units, power utility Eskom sa...Read More

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