Month: April 2016

The energy paradigm is shifting

BD Live 28 April 2016 For once, Eskom has done something right. Its decision to investigate the feasibility of extending the life of ageing power stations rather than automatically decommissioning the...Read More

SAPVIA's 1st Networking Event for 2016 – 19 April

On the 19th April 2016, SAPVIA held its 1st Networking event for the year at The IDC Auditorium  in Johannesburg. SAPVIA’s Vice-Chairperson, Mike Levington, lead the day’s proceedings with an up...Read More

GreenPeace Report: Shopping Clean – Retailers & Renewable Energy

GreenPeace Report: Shopping Clean: Retailers & Renewable Energy

Eskom gets R2,6bn loan from Brics-supported bank

ENCA  18 April 2016 Eskom is on the list of recipients awarded the first set of long-term loans by the New Development Bank (NDB), also referred to as the Brics bank. Eskom will get $180-million (R2.6...Read More

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