Month: June 2016

South Africa seen as attractive market amid surging global solar PV deployment

Engineering News – ONLINE 24 June 2016 A new study assessing the future role of solar photovoltaics (PV) in the global electricity system suggests that the technology’s installed base could grow...Read More

Roundtable Conversation Series – Economic Development in REIPPPP Supporting sound community trusts – establishment, governance and operations

Supporting sound community trusts- establishment, governance and operations, hosted at the Industrial Development Corporation on the 23rd May 2016. Renewables projects have to comply with socio-econom...Read More

Roundtable Conversation Series – Economic Development in REIPPPP

Managing Community Unrest Resulting From Political Lobbying For Municipal Elections 2016, hosted at Mainstream Renewable Power on the 26th April 2016 The purpose of this roundtable conversation was to...Read More

Green power investing brightens returns in SA

IOL 01 June 2016 A programme that’s making South Africa the top destination for green-power investments across the continent and the Middle East is not only easing an electricity crisis: returns are b...Read More

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