Block-Power-Logo Kyle Bohnsack
Managing Director, Blockpower
Electron Technologies (Pty) Ltd, known simply as ‘Electron’ and Blockpower have entered into a cooperation agreement to provide services in and around Southern Africa.
As a SABS ISO 9001:2015 listed company with a CIDB rating of EP8 and EB7 and BBEE Level 2 Certified, Electron has been providing quality electrical products and services to the industrial sector since it was established in Braamfontein in 1967.
With over 300 systems in operations, Blockpower prides itself as being a house of quality in residential and industrial solar, off-grid systems and hybrid energy solution in Southern Africa. This strategic partnership between Electron and Blockpower will help  forge an improved capability to provide industrial electrical services, containerized factory solutions and implementation services to customers around sub-Saharan Africa.