Covid-19 Information Pack

  Recommended COVID-19 Safety Protocols for the Renewable Energy Sector Risk Adjusted Strategy Regulations 29 April 2020 DMRE Directions Applicable Electricity Regulation Act 2006 ERA Schedule II...Read More

Renewable Energy Industry Comments on Framework for Sectors

The Industry Associations have worked tirelessly over the weekend to submit our motivation to include Renewable Energy in the Level 4 restrictions of the lockdown. SAPVIA engaged members over the week...Read More

Getting off the Eskom grid a ‘no brainer’, says green activist

Business Day Live 12 March 2020 The climate crisis should drive any eco-conscious citizen to get off the power grid, and a house in Johannesburg could be the model for how to do that, Lisa Steyn repor...Read More

Getting rid of the Eskom grid: what going solar entails

Business Day Live 10 March 2020 Using solar power to deal with load-shedding is not as easy or cheap as it might seem, as Lisa Steyn reports in the first of a three-part series. Load-shedding can driv...Read More

Self-generation could help unlock economic recovery

Infrastructure News 02 April 2020 The economy’s descent into recession has added pressure on the government to throw a lifeline to businesses constrained by Eskom’s load shedding. Moody’s has forecast...Read More

Self-generation could be key for economic recovery – organisations

Engineering News Online 02 April 2020 The economy’s recent descent into a recession has piled pressure on the government to throw a lifeline to businesses constrained by State-owned utility Eskom’s lo...Read More

Mining industry explores self generation

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s administration has sent strong signals that the country is entering a ‘new era’ of energy generation since the beginning of the year – a shift that ...Read More

Now is not the time to backpedal

Financial Mail 16 April 2020 Financial-Mail_16-April-2020_Page-46_Now-is-not-the-time-to-backpedal-002.pdf

Industry bodies call for increased renewables to help bridge power supply constraints

The South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) has called for the immediate release of available wind power into the national grid, as the country continues to face daily load-shedding. After days ...Read More

Association calls for more small-scale embedded generation as load-shedding persists

The most recent bout of load-shedding in the country has provided further evidence of embattled power utility Eskom’s “increasing inability to supply the level of electricity required” by South Africa...Read More


Many businesses have lost money due to load-shedding and with no clear end to the crisis insight – a lot of them are panicking about the future.

Some light at the end of the load shedding tunnel: new independent power plants could be connected to the grid by February. Here’s what is coming online and when.

There is at least some light at the end of the load-shedding tunnel. The 27 renewable energy independent power producer projects (REIPPP), which have been under construction under bid window 4, are on...Read More

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