Renewable energy has to go local – DG

Business Day Online 4 July 2011: Department of Energy DG Nelisiwe Magubane warns alternative energy suppliers on local job creation requirements. THE renewable energy industry is not fazed with the in...Read More

Govt confirms inclusion of price competition in first renewables round

Engineering News Online 4 July 2011: The South African government has confirmed that price competition will feature in the procurement process for the first round of renewable energy projects, with th...Read More

Delay Hampers Green Power: Time for decision on renewable energy tariffs

Business Day Online 4 July 2011: The confusion about the government’s intentions regarding the implementation of Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariffs (REFITS) is frustrating investors and could jeopardise...Read More

Legal Advice puts REFIT in doubt

Business Report Online 27 June 2011: There was now some doubt whether the National Energy Regulator of SA (Nersa) could set a bound tariff which renewable energy companies would pay to Eskom following...Read More

NERSA, DoE, Treasury:Latest Industry Update 3 July 2011

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Developers call for sustainable form of renewable energy procurement

Engineering News Online 29 June 2011: Renewable energy industry associations on Wednesday appealed to policy makers to engage with the industry to ensure that a sustainable form of renewable energy pr...Read More

Industry Update: SAPVIA SAWEA and SASTELA appeal to the PPC: 29 June 2011

SAPVIA, SASTELA and SAWEA appeal to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee. Please login to read more...

WWF SA wants clarity on REFIT commitment 28 June 2011: WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) South Africa, the local arm of one of the world’s largest independent conservation organisations, said on Tuesday poor imple...Read More

Nuclear for the Poor, Renewables for the Rich?

28 June 2011: In a debate about the future of energy, the global south wants to spend tens of billions of dollars on nuclear plants while the global north looks to spend hundreds of millions on decent...Read More

Solar Radiation Maps for Download

Meteonorm – Global Radiation_Africa_1981-2000 PVGIS PV Solar Electricity Potential_Mediterranean, Africa, SW Asia Swera Direct Normal Radiation Map_Africa Swera Tilted Radition Map_Global

Value of Solar Power Far Exceeds the Electricity 24 June 2011: From the ability to reduce peak demand on the transmission and distribution system, hedge against fuel price increases, or enhance grid and environmental sec...Read More

Feed-in tariff for power producers ‘only a guideline’ 27 June 2006: The renewable energy feed-in tariff (REFIT) announced recently by the National Energy Regulator of SA (Nersa) as binding on all independent power producers could no...Read More

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