SAPVIA announces management committee

Cape Town, 10 June 2011 – The South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA), elected its first management committee at its inaugural Annual General Meeting (AGM) held recently in Cape Town....Read More

Lighting the New Growth Path: Solar Energy, Job Creation, and Poverty Alleviation in South Africa

The official unemployment rate in South Africa is 24%; more than one-sixth of South Africans are living without access to electricity; South Africa’s total greenhouse emissions are amongst the top ten...Read More

Solar's Outlook Dazzles

Renewable Energy World 27 Ma7 2011 At the end of last year, the global photovoltaic market hit a cumulative installed capacity of 40 GW, of which 16.6 GW was added during 2010. A year of unprecedented...Read More

Merkel’s Atomic Energy Overhaul May Aid Industry at Expense of Consumers

Bloomberg 31 May 2011 Chancellor Angela Merkel may rely on German consumers to shoulder the cost of exiting nuclear power as she seeks to shelter companies whose exports are driving growth in Europe’s...Read More

When is the renewable energy crossover?

Renewable Energy World 27 May 2011 As much as some people look forward to the Rapture, people in the renewable energy space look forward to “the crossover.” The crossover is the point in time where th...Read More

SAPVIA announces Management Board & Chairman

27 May 2011: SAPVIA held its inaugural Annual General Meeting yesterday at the President Hotel in Bantry Bay, Cape Town, where, amongst other things, the Management Committee and Chairperson were elec...Read More

NERSA Announces Delays in REFIT REVIEW Tarrif Approval Timelines

NERSA Media Announcement_Delays in Timeline for REFIT Review Tarrif Approval 240511

Italy Overhauls Its PV Incentives

In 2010, Europe’s PV market entered a new dimension, and Italy played a key part in that. Figures released by industry association EPIA this spring indicate that new PV installations across Euro...Read More

Electricity producers perturbed as NERSA reviews 'green' tariffs

Electricity producers perturbed as NERSA reviews ‘green’ tariffs National Energy Regulator of SA says circumstances have changed since rates set in 2009 and consumers should not pay for wi...Read More

SA renewable energy industry urges Government to continue with feed-in tariffs

South Africa’s leading renewable energy industry associations, representing the majority of developers of renewable energy projects, have urged Government to continue with the feed-in tariff, a ...Read More

IRP2010 Final Report


Invitation for Public Comments on Renewable Energy Feed-In Tarrifs Consulation Paper

Invitation For Public Comments on Review of Renewable Energy Feed-In Tarrifs Consultation Paper

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