Italy Overhauls Its PV Incentives

In 2010, Europe’s PV market entered a new dimension, and Italy played a key part in that. Figures released by industry association EPIA this spring indicate that new PV installations across Euro...Read More

Electricity producers perturbed as NERSA reviews 'green' tariffs

Electricity producers perturbed as NERSA reviews ‘green’ tariffs National Energy Regulator of SA says circumstances have changed since rates set in 2009 and consumers should not pay for wi...Read More

SA renewable energy industry urges Government to continue with feed-in tariffs

South Africa’s leading renewable energy industry associations, representing the majority of developers of renewable energy projects, have urged Government to continue with the feed-in tariff, a ...Read More

IRP2010 Final Report


Invitation for Public Comments on Renewable Energy Feed-In Tarrifs Consulation Paper

Invitation For Public Comments on Review of Renewable Energy Feed-In Tarrifs Consultation Paper

SAPVIA talks to the DoE

4 April 2011: Chris Haw of SAPVIA spoke telephonically to Mr Aphane from the DoE this evening. A summary of the outcomes of the call are: [restrictedarea] DoE are concerned that if there is an over-su...Read More

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