Sub-Committee Meetings

Meeting with NERSA: 21 May 2014

SAPVIA’s Rooftop Sub-committee met with NERSA on the 21st of May this year. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss licensing requirements and fees for the connection of rooftop solar PV insta...Read More

SAPVIA Meeting with Eskom: 11 October 2012

Representatives of SAPVIAā€™s Grid Access Unit Steering Committee met with Wolfgang Bohmer, Roy Estment,Ā Kevin Leask andĀ Bernard MagoroĀ from Eskom on the 11th October at Megawatt Park . The purpose of t...Read More

SAPVIA Grid Access Unit: Agendas and Minutes of Meeting

Grid access sub-committee meeting agendas and minutes available to SAPVIA members for download here.

SAPVIA announces Grid Access Sub-Committee

On the 13th of June 2012 SAPVIA announced the members of it’s new Grid Access Sub-Committee. Congratulations to the following people: Sipho Madonsela: Emzansi Engineers (Chairperson) Gareth Warn...Read More

SAPVIA Rooftop PV Subcommittee: Agendas and Minutes of Meetings (2011 – 2014)

Towards the end of 2011 SAPVIA established a Rooftop PV subcommittee with the aim of tackling the issues, both at national and local level, that are hindering the growth of this industry. The agendas ...Read More

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