We are a team of professional engineers that specialises in comprehensive energy-management solutions. We approach energy efficiency in an all-inclusive manner, ensuring that each energy saving opportunity is fully explored.
Over the years, we have established a robust health and safety culture for our employees, which enables us to provide holistic support across our organisation.

Dhevan Pillay

Solar MD Pty Ltd was launched by a team of professionals with extensive knowledge of Solar PhotoVoltaic power and lithium-ion battery storage systems. We have over 20 years of experience designing, installing and operating solar power systems – ranging from small-scale embedded (roof-top) systems to utility-scale installations.

Already active in the industry, we bring new solutions to the marketplace based on the increasing need for quality solar UPS and backup systems. Our batteries are locally manufactured in Cape Town with a network of installers and distributors to support your ambition for independence from the grid and debilitating load-shedding.

The Solar MD Advanced Lithium-Ion storage solutions are scalable and flexible. Depending on your home or business needs, it can be configured to handle small to large loads (maximum kVA output) for short to long duration. We work closely with you to determine your best solution and recommend the optimal system on this basis.

In addition, Solar MD has developed a high-performance LoggerV2 that provides simple and quick communication with automatic device discovery and connection as well as remote control management features. It’s designed for monitoring and control of Solar MD Energy Storage products as well as provide records, data and events from third-partydevoces – inverters, energy meters, weather stations and other energy devices. It serves as an internet gateway to the the reliable mypower24 management gateway.


Our combined local and international experience allows us to match global best practices with in-depth knowledge of South African infrastructure and regulations.  Our systems are designed, installed and operated to the highest possible standards while remaining fully compatible and compliant with local bylaws.

Solar MD specifies only Tier 1 components with a proven, long-term, operating track record. Unlike other installers, we will also act on your behalf to enforce any warranty claims so you can have complete peace of mind when choosing a Solar MD system. Invest in your future with us, today!

Kaloyan Dimov

Soventix South Africa (Pty) Ltd
Unit E2 and E3
8 Quantum Road
Firgrove Business Park (Off Main Road M9)
Firgrove, Somerset West, 7130
South Africa

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Kevin Dingle
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