Diesel generators, Gas generators, Industrial engines, Marine engines, Diesel engines, Allied, Cat components and Pumps

Grant Kirchmann
One-stop supplier in the Hybrid Grid sector

Energy Storage
Lead acid batteries
Deep cycle
Flow batteries
Energy harnessing
Photovoltaic panels (invertors, grid-tie controllers, cabling, cabinets, structures)
Solar heating
Energy management
Energy audits
Peak lopping
Peak shifting
Intelligent control systems to reduce load

John Stroebel

We design, install and maintain, state of the art and affordable solar solutions for business, and are currently endorsed as a SAPVIA PV Green Card TRAINING INSTITUTION.
Genergy assists companies to develop a sustainable and lower cost approach to energy consumption.
Powering business for less; Creating a cleaner, sustainable future.

Engineering Sustainable Energy Solutions

Cody Brown
Full range of Panels, Inverters and Batteries

Solution Design
Full installation service
Value added products and services (LED Lighting, Solar Hot Water Systems)
Supply only options available.
Battery Backup Solutions
Grid Tied Solutions

Scott Andrew

off-grid PV system,on-grid PV system,off-grid Inverter,on-grid inverter,controller,frequency transformer,Solar panel, design,manufacture,install PV system. Solar street light,Pest-killer light and so on

Ann Cheng

Diesel Generator manufacture and distribution

Kevin Dingle

Energy consulting: energy auditing, power monitoring, tariff conversion and account management.
Solar PV: Installers, developers and EPC.
Biogas: Domestic, commercial and agricultural biogas facilities.
Biomass: Domestic (Calore KZN agent), commercial and agricultural (pellet and biomass boiler units, consultation and developers of medium to large gasification).

Warren Neil Confait
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