– Owners Engineer – Independent Engineer – Energy Production Assessment – Bankability Reports – Construction Monitoring – Project Feasibility Studies – Grid Impact and Feasibility Studies – Interconnection Engineering – Asset Management Services – Sun Helm Portfolio Management Software – Forecasting Services – Economic and Regulatory Review – EIA and SIA – Product Testing & Certification – Business Assurance – Smart Energy (Smart Grids, Smart Cities & Smart Meters) – Energy Storage

Greg van der Toorn

Planning and Design of HV, MV and LV overhead or underground reticulation networks and substations
Grid Access for Renewable Energy Developers
Engineering Design and Project Management for Photovoltaic (PV) systems
Buiding Services Electrical Design
Public Streetlighting Design
Drafting associated specifications and tender documents
Tender Adjudication and Project management
Construction Supervision and Contract Management (GCC, NEC or JBCC)

Mogamad Shaheed Jattiem

We are a team of professional engineers that specialises in comprehensive energy-management solutions. We approach energy efficiency in an all-inclusive manner, ensuring that each energy saving opportunity is fully explored.
Over the years, we have established a robust health and safety culture for our employees, which enables us to provide holistic support across our organisation.

Dhevan Pillay
PV navy.png

PVinsight – ISO 17025 accredited PV testing lab. The standard tests that are performed include:
– Visual Inspection
– IR Thermographic Imaging
– Electroluminescence Imaging
– Maximum Power Determination
– Electrical Insulation (High Potential)

Prof Ernest van Dyk

Partnering with local and international companies. Designing, developing and implementing renewable energy systems in the solar PV and water heating market as well as waste-to-energy sectors.

Wiehann van Zyl
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