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The sustainable energy generation is one of the most important tasks for the future and it poses major challenges to research, development and industry. One of the most promising renewable energy is solar energy; it is the most abundant one and it is available in direct as well as indirect form.
The enormous market growth in photovoltaics during the 21st century has revived the research and expansion in the solar industry, including the maintenance of existing plants.
The utmost precision is required to get maximum yield from sun energy. Monitoring and maintenance are a key for ensuring the productivity of the photovoltaic system. Researches have shown that an effectively monitored plant has a yield of more than 5% compared to a system without control.
For several decades GHM GROUP has accompanied the development of renewables monitoring plants and ensured their safe operation providing technologies that allow to evaluate and measure the efficiency of photovoltaic plants. Our measurement technology is able to acquire almost every value, which leads to an efficient overview.
Due to our long-term know-how in renewables technologies, we have received a long-standing confidence by our customers and we offer a
first-class standard of innovation, high quality, excellent service as well as continuous maintenance and evolution of measurement technology.
Sustainability is the most precious gift that we can give to our future generations. Our concern is to provide you with comprehensive components such as monitoring devices, analog and digital sensors, data loggers and integrated solutions.
GHM Group, specialists by competence.

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Jan Grobler

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