SAPVIA’s power comes from the diversity of our members. We are a member-led Association, formed to deliver for individuals and organisations across the solar PV value chain.

By joining SAPVIA you will benefit not just from INFLUENCE, IMPACT AND INFLUENCE but also enhanced networking opportunities, increased visibility for you and your organisation and much more.

Working together, you can help to directly shape the future direction of renewables in South Africa supporting our proactive engagement strategy with government and key stakeholders.

Members also gain access to market-leading intelligence and analysis designed to create a culture of best practice where South Africa’s solar PV industry takes the lead in Sub-Saharan Africa and internationally.

Membership of SAPVIA also offers comprehensive calendar of events, webinars and networking opportunities as well as sponsorship, media and profiling opportunities.



We offer 5 types of membership, Sponsorship, Ordinary/Full, Associate A, Associate B and PV Professional.

Sponsorship membership is aimed at companies that seek to pioneer advances in the South African PV market by driving specific outcomes in the work of SAPVIA. These are companies with deep, long term interests in the PV sector, who take a view to enable specific market outcomes through their direct intervention, via SAPVIA’s platform.

Ordinary/Full Membership is aimed at companies with deep interests in driving and promoting the growth of the South African PV market. While typically, these are companies with embedded or utility scale PV farms in operation, under construction, or under development; local manufacturing facilities or component importing businesses, this category is fundamentally for all companies seeking to actively drive the sector’s growth.

Associate A Membership is aimed at companies or organisations who’s participation in the PV market is peripheral, albeit it critical to the successful realisation of projects. This member category encompasses members that are involved in engineering consulting, environmental impact assessments, construction management, legal advisory, as well as small-to-medium enterprises that provide PV-related services.

Associate B Membership is aimed at companies/individuals involved only in small scale embedded generation installations.

PV Professional Membership is aimed at individuals across different disciplines or professions who are actively engaged in the solar PV industry, academia and the public sector and is interested in keeping abreast of developments in the PV industry.



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