Parliamentary Meetings

Notice of Parliamentary Meetings

4 October 2012:

The following documentation concerning the notices of parliamentary meetings can be viewed / downloaded here:

09 October 2012: Meeting with Minister of Energy and the Department of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation

10 October 2012: Meeting with Auditor-General of SA and external expert on the performance of the DoE

11 October 2012: Department of Energy (DoE) on their Annual Report 2011/12

11 October 2012: SANEDI and Central Energy Fund Annual Report 2011/2

12 October 2012: Meeting with National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) and SA Nuclear Energy Corporation (NECSA)

16 October: NERSA Annual Report 2011/2

30 October 2012: Eskom and Nersa

The following presentations of the Parliamentary Meetings can be viewed / downloaded here:

08 October 2012: PPC Ministerial Presentation

09 October 2012: DPME Presentation on DoE progress on Outcomes to Portfolio Committee

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