Power prognosis improves, but load-shedding risk persists for Wed, Thurs

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04 November 2014

State-owned electricity producer Eskom said it was not anticipating any need to introduce load shedding on Tuesday, having avoided load shedding on Monday.

In a¬†system¬†update, the utility also reported that the risk of rotational load shedding had reduced ‚Äúsignificantly and the prognosis for the week is better than expected‚ÄĚ.

This was partly attributed to a better-than-expected recovery at the¬†Majuba power station, in Mpumalanga, where a¬†coal¬†silo collapse on Saturday had precipitated the first load-shedding incident of the new summer¬†maintenance¬†season. It was the second load-shedding incident of 2014, however, with rotational shedding having also been implemented on March 6. The March event, which was caused by¬†coal¬†delivery problems, was the first since 2008. ¬†Read more…

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