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SAPVIA announces Rooftop PV Subcommittee

1 November 2011: SAPVIA recently made the decision to form a subcommittee whose purpose it will be to tackle the issues facing the rooftop PV market in South Africa. The subcommittee consists of 14 companies and is led by a five-man steering committee of which Ryan Hammond, from Solaire Direct SA, is the chairperson. The following companies and representatives comprise the subcommittee:

Solaire Direct SA: Ryan Hammond (Chairperson)

Romano Group: Alexi Romano (Steering Committee)

Power Solutions: Axel Scholle (Steering Committee)

Bosch: Barbara Sabbione (Steering Committee)

Solar Total: Roth Watson (Steering Committee)

Arup: Richard Stanford

BSG Investments: Aviv Garten

SunSpot: Mark Bleloch

Skypower: Benoit Fortin

Solar World Africa: Gregor Kuepper

Momentous Energy: Gareth Warner

Tenesol: Thibaud Vibert

Grey Green Sustainable Energy Engineering: Gary Fahy

Building Energy: Matteo Brambilla

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