Working Groups

Embedded Generation Subcommittee (EGS)

The EGS has been established to work with relevant stakeholders such as government, local municipalities, Eskom and NERSA, to drive market access and the creation of a viable and sustainable embedded PV market in South Africa, as well as focusing on driving industry quality.

Manufacturer’s Subcommittee (MS)

The Manufacturers Subcommittee has been established to engage with relevant stakeholders such as the Dti and IPP Office, on behalf of SAPVIA, around specific issues that relate to the development of local PV value-chains, and to contribute to a meaningful definition and position of local content as it relates to the REIPPPP and other government-led procurement programmes.

Grid Access Subcommittee (GAS)

The GAS has been tasked to engage with stakeholders such as Eskom, NERSA and local municipalities to promote viable and sustainable grid access for PV plants – specifically focusing on the large-scale (REIPPPP) market segment, as well as other PV market segments as required, for example: the mid-scale market for PV projects in the 5 to 50MW range, as well as embedded PV.

Socio-Economic Development – Enterprise Development Subcommittee (SED-ED SC)

The SED-ED SC has been established to provide a platform to coordinate aspects of SAPVIA members’ SED-ED initiatives at industry level, for example: the monitoring, evaluation and reporting aspects of the SED projects; the establishment and administration of community trusts with the aim of establishing industry best practices, driving the establishment of collaborative SED projects and ensuring the success stories of the REIPPPP SED projects are communicated to relevant audiences.

Should you be interested in participating on any of SAPVIA’s working groups, please contact Kim Thomas on:

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